Spring Has Sprung

Posted by Nick  | 15 Sep 2014  | 4 comments

With the change of season the warmer days are ushering greener grass, fewer frosts, bleating lambs, and blossoms aplenty. In New Zealand things are turning pretty all over the show. The farm is no exception.

Gone are frigid mornings with heavy frost like this:

And with the passing of winter, sleeping beauties are awakening:

Emerging from dormant twigs which might have been mistakenly thought dead only weeks before:

Attracting symbiotic friends who’ve doubtless hungered in hibernation:

The drone of dozens of furry-bottomed bumblebees is heard beneath a vibrant rhododendron in full bloom:

Who litters the ground with dazzling petals as soon as they trade nectar for pollen:

Nearby plum trees look snow-laden as their rising sap triggers an explosion of white:

Clusters of the colourless beauties are like clouds on sticks whose petals rain from above like floral snow:

A plump wood pigeon, kereru, swoops in to sample the sweet nectar:

At this time of year everything tastes good:

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Wow, to be surrounded by such a dazzling display everywhere – what bliss!!!

Angelia Reynolds
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Have just sat and read your enjoy journal from beginning to…now – how delicious!
Thanks for sharing your dreams and your journey so delightfully! You write so well Nick and I love the photos too. You and Charlotte make an awesome team. I can’t wait for your next instalment guys.


Glad you found it delicious, Angie! Thanks for the kind feedback 🙂 You rock.

Angelia Reynolds
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Whoops – I mean entire journal – although I really did enjoy it too! The importance of proof reading aye?!

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