One Week

Posted by Nick  | 17 Nov 2014  | 6 comments

This post is a few days late. Oops.

In (under) one week we will be bidding farewell to Auckland and beginning our new lives out in the boonies. This Friday. Holy crap! It’s actually happening…

These past few months have raced by. And these past few weeks of intense busyness and preparation have been dizzying. We’ve tried to pack as much as we can every trip down. I even took a trip down mid-week with my friend, Dingus, who proved invaluable help with loading some awkward pieces of furniture, not to mention making an otherwise lonesome journey fraught with good conversation and boyish laughter.

Last weekend my task was to jam all of our garden things in the ute, which included such unwieldy items as an old picnic bench and all of our compost. Yep, not letting that go to waste. It’s coming with us!

In the end I had six big black plastic bags of the stuff to contend with, each weighing damn near thirty kilograms! Ah well, worth the effort – our veggies will love us for it and that’s a couple years of food scraps that won’t be going into the landfill.

It took me a while to pack this load single-handedly. Manoeuvring a picnic table through a seventy-centimetre wide gateway by yourself is no mean feat. After the cargo was on board I stood back and admired my 3D Tetris skills.

Less than a week remains now before the “big move”. There’s so much to organise and to do that the time will fly by. Keep your fingers crossed that our next post will be punctual! And the next time you hear from us, we’ll be fully-fledged country bumpkins. Or maybe just naive city-folk who have dug themselves in way too deep… Bring it on!

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Such tetris, much block, so stack!

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Ya bloody westies with ya mank picnic table and piece of string holding it all in :o) Thinking of you as you make the big move this Friday – yikes!!


Yes, it is quite “mank”. Dragged that old thing from the flat if I recall. Happy to continue the tradition – you never can have enough timber on a farm 😉 Thanks for the thoughts, Mum. Love you!

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I’ve no doubts though, that you’ll make the mankness into something of beauty, as is your wont! Love you darling – missing you already…

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Soooo excited for you guys! Much happiness for you guys and much sadness you’ll be so far… 🙂


Thanks, Lauren! Please come visit us all the time!

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