Tree Cage Time-Lapse

Posted by Nick  | 23 Aug 2015  | 0 comments

This weekend we finally erected the last of this year’s tree cages for our specimens. Twelve in total, complete – woohoo!

How cool would it be if we made a time-lapse video of us building our last one? Well… guess what? Booyah.

It takes roughly two hours to complete one of these. Two hours whittled down to fifty seconds. Makes it look easy. I suppose it isn’t a particularly difficult undertaking, but there’s so many instances of “ah crap”, and “that’s not level, redo it” that a time-lapse doesn’t do justice. After twelve of these cages we’ve certainly learnt a thing or two.

Pleased with this result, we’ve decided time-lapse is the bee’s knees. We’ll do them as often as we can – it’s a great way to show the process of a project without all the boring nitty gritty bits.

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