A Pair of Pet Cows

Posted by Nick  | 25 Aug 2016  | 2 comments

A couple of months ago we had the good fortune of being offered a pair of gloriously fat cows. A relative of the breeders who sold us our alpacas had become deeply fond of her pet moos. She was eager to find the young pair a new home – a home at which they could live out their lives without the threat of being turned into glue.

These were some lucky cows. The heavy-hoofed heifers had been treated like royalty. Their nourished physiques and gleaming coats were testaments to their privilege. Sadly for their owners, however, their appetites had outgrown their pasture. It was time for them to move farther afield.

They weren’t our pets, however, so we had to consider what they could bring to the “table” since we would be agreeing to never send them to slaughter. After some consideration, we decided that getting them pregnant would be worth it to us. We may not be able to eat them, but we can eat their babies! Muhaha. Also, if we wanted to test the waters of hand-milking, these ladies would be ideal since they’ve been hand-reared and are familiar with human contact.

When the ladies arrived, we did notice how exceptionally friendly and calm they were. You could see how much love and attention their owners had given them. It’s always heartwarming to see animals who have been treated with the respect and care that they deserve, especially the “beasts of burden” kind that are typically mired in an industry which profits from their exploitation.

It’s easy to love these curious creatures.

“Big One” and “Little One” (who is not much littler than Big One), as they had been called, promptly took to gutsing our green pastures. They’re meant to be on a diet, but we only have a total sixteen sheep to graze our forty-two acres…

After a bit of a munch, they were keen to greet us with a tentative sniff…

Which was rewarded with a scratch…

And the gesture was reciprocated with special attention to Char’s cow-licks…

We had the owners over for lunch a few days after the cows arrived, so they could settle them in to their new home. The lady in particular had formed quite a bond with her big pets, and was saddened to have to let them go. She’s welcome to come visit her babies any time. Big One and Little One tell us to let her know that they are thoroughly enjoying their wide open pastures, are looking a bit more athletic (despite the odd treat of hay and sheep nuts), and are fast making friends with the resident sheep and alpacas.


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Awesome! So excited for you. The girls sound adorable, and yay for having your own source of dairy. Wish we had enough paddock space for a house cow, but I think we will have to content ourselves with a milking goat. 🙂


Thanks, Chrissy 🙂 A milking goat! Perfect. I’d prefer a goat, to be honest. Healthier milk, too!

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