Felling Big Trees for the First Time

Posted by Nick  | 18 Jul 2020  | 2 comments

We’re starting to get a hang of this video thing. It takes a while to put all the footage together, but hopefully it better illustrates what we’re up to here on the farm. The little drone certainly helps with perspective!

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we were able to scare ourselves shitless with all the terrifying mishaps that can occur with felling trees. For every “how to” video watched, there were two “chainsaw fail” videos also scrutinised. Chainsaws are frighteningly dangerous on their own, doubly so when felling multi-ton trees. Technique is only useful so long as you’re not dead.

Spoiler alert: No one died. So, yay! Enjoy.

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George M. Shears
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Having grown up in the logging country of northern Minnesota USA, this awesome documentary was immensely entertaining for me–so much so that I shared it with all of my kids and grand-kids. You two never cease to amaze me in your willingness to tackle whatever challenges you are offered in your pastoral paradise. I ardently look forward to partaking of your ongoing adventures. Your new video format–complete with complementary music–renders them even more appealing. As pioneers in what I hope will become a rapidly growing revolution in restorative agriculture, you merit nothing less than the highest acclaim! I have no doubt that Mother Earth strongly agrees. Here’s wishing you all the best in all of your future endeavors.


Thanks, George 🙂

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