Replacing Wonky Old Workshop Doors & Deck

Posted by Nick  | 20 Oct 2020  | 0 comments

They’ve been a long time waiting, but our workshop doors we built a year ago have finally been hung! Out with the old, gappy, rotten, dragging doors. We did away with the equally shite deck as well, and build a slip-free one on top of the still-sturdy bearers. Looks a bit too nice for the old workshop – but we tell ourselves that one day we’ll take off the old tin, too, and replace it with some sweet board-and-batten.

Check out our video of our deck-build to see how tricky it is customising for wonky old buildings. Good practice for our upcoming house build. The wisdom of trial and error! We love this kind of stuff, can’t get enough of it.

We’ve also built some stairs for the deck – stay tuned for the next video!