A Hair-Shaving Sharp Knife from Old Leaf-Spring Steel

Posted by Nick  | 27 Nov 2020  | 0 comments

There’s lots of old treasures to be found buried on the homestead. Came across some 100 year old spring steel and wanted to try my hand at crafting a little rustic utility blade from it. Mostly done with hand tools (a LOT of filing) and without a proper forge. The hardness turned out well enough to take a good edge and resist chipping. Hair-shaving sharp! Smalls steps towards learning more about metalwork and blacksmithing.

DIY Workshop Stairs – Finally!

Posted by Nick  | 16 Nov 2020  | 1 comment

We figured out how to build stairs, yay! We added the finishing touches to the front of our workshop by finally adding a set of stairs to our matching deck and doors. The old stairs were just as shoddy as the old deck and doors – a narrow and steep ascent up slippery and rotting wood. It’s a small alteration, but every little improvement to our old homestead brings a smile to our faces whenever we see it or take pleasure in using it. Project compete, skills gained, and XP FTW.