DIY Workshop Stairs – Finally!

Posted by Nick  | 16 Nov 2020  | 1 comment

We figured out how to build stairs, yay! We added the finishing touches to the front of our workshop by finally adding a set of stairs to our matching deck and doors. The old stairs were just as shoddy as the old deck and doors – a narrow and steep ascent up slippery and rotting wood. It’s a small alteration, but every little improvement to our old homestead brings a smile to our faces whenever we see it or take pleasure in using it. Project compete, skills gained, and XP FTW.

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George Shears
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Nick and Char, I’m blown away once again by your ongoing loving dedication to your regenerative farming project. I greatly admire your willingness to take on and successfully consummate the many complex challenges it entails. My heart is also deeply warmed by how smoothly and affectionately you cooperate in these creative endeavors.
I’m equally impressed by your ever-growing, multidimensional artistry in documenting these projects so beautifully. I was especially touched in this most recent chapter by how, again, you have so effectively incorporated the breathtaking background beauty of Mother Nature within which you’re embedded, along with “all your relations.” That leaping lamb near the beginning was a perfect preamble, and the background music added greatly to its richness. Jason also deserves kudos for adding his typical feline felicity to the project.

When I checked my email shortly after getting up early this morning, I was delighted to find the notification to this most recent update to your blog. As I then raptly watched this video over a cup of coffee, I could hardly wait to share it with my wife, Mildred. I then watched it again with her a little later. When I mentioned that I planned to convey my very positive sentiments to you in a comment, she asked me to tell you that she has decided that if she ever needs this kind of work done, she would be very willing to hire you.
I was recently amused to hear about the electoral shenanigans in New Zealand in determining your new national bird. When I heard the coda of a bird call at the end of the video, I found myself wondering whether that might possibly be the call of the famed hihi bird. 😉
Here’s wishing you all the best, Nick and Char, as you continue your loving co-creativity with Mother Earth.

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