How to Make… Hay!

Posted by Nick  | 21 Jan 2021  | 3 comments

Every summer we mow, ted, windrow, and bale 500 – 600 conventional hay bales over two paddocks (10 acres/4 hectares), with gnarly old equipment we had to figure out how to use and maintain.

We sell about half the bales, and the other half feeds our animals over winter. We decided to document the whole four-day process this year, complete with drone footage for some unique and interesting perspectives! It’s a stressful time of year, but one of the most rewarding activities when it all goes to plan.

The equipment we use is 50 – 80 years old, some of which we bought from the old owner of our homestead, including a UFO Mini Twin (mower), PZ Haybob (tedder), and a McCormick International Harvester (baler). All powered by our trusty old Fiat tractor.

Make hay while the sun shines!

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It’s wonderful as ever to be a part of the free labour. See you all next year! 😀

George Shears
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Making hay while the sun shines
is always very wise;
to combine it with loving Mother Earth
deserves the highest prize.

To share in this awesome love affair
always sets my heart ablaze;
your inspiring dedication
deserves the highest praise.

In this time of great unraveling,
you are pearls beyond all price;
may your labors of love always flourish
and many other souls entice.
Here’s wishing you endless delight
in all of your ongoing
“rolls in the hay” with Mother Earth.

Tom vanHeytningen
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Just a thoght, here in the USA a large flat 4-wheel trailer is hooked to the drawbar of the baler and the exit bale chute tilted up so that the bales can be stacked on the trailer without being picked up off the ground. might work for you or not, good luck with your endeavor. A free idea and worth every penny.

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