Building Livestock Shelters for our Lambs

Posted by Charlotte  | 13 Feb 2022  | 1 comment

One thing a lot of farms don’t have enough of is shelter for livestock. We’ve done the whole tree-planting gig, but it’ll take a decade or more before the trees to be big enough to provide adequate shelter.

Whenever there’s a sudden downpour, the sheep beeline for the shelter of the scarce mature trees, which are few and far between. We feel especially sorry for the little lambs sheltering from the chill winds.

We always wanted to build some portable/towable sheep/lamb shelters, so for this year’s lambing season we did just that. We built two, documenting the full build of the second, from start to finish. It’s a good feeling improving the wellbeing of our animals – the ones that utilise the shelters seem very grateful indeed.