Slapdash Woodcutter Rig

Posted by Nick  | 11 Feb 2015  | 2 comments

Do I write about wood a lot? Well, that’s because we have hoards of it. Dealing with it all has taken up large portions of my time lately. So hold on to your hats, because here’s another wood-related post! You’re welcome.

You may have seen the log holder we got for sawing fat rounds, or in the case of this photo, awkward offcuts of excess sapwood:

But I needed something to hold the thinner offcuts such as this lot:

…Something that would allow me to cut lengths fit for our fireplace. I’d seen a few designs around, so decided to wing it with some timber I found lying about in a paddock. This is the rig I whacked together:

The idea here is to have each H section thirty centimetres apart, so when the wood stacked across the H’s is sawn I end up with ideal lengths. Here, maybe some pictures will explain better:

So first I trim off the ends, just eye-balling the lengths.

Then saw down between the H’s.

It actually worked better than expected. I thought the long strips, being so thin, would bounce around from the aggressive chainsaw. Surprisingly, the sides of the H’s along with the weight of the pile held it all together no problem. Only a couple of the top pieces jiggled a bit.

First lot done!

Three loads later and I had finished this particular pile, which had been dumped by the chicken coop from the milling. Why not with the rest of the wood near the barn, I’m not sure.

There’s plenty more where that came from, so my time constructing this handy device won’t be going to waste.

As a bonus, I found some delectable thick slabs of macrocarpa hiding beneath the pile, which just needed their shoddy ends chopped off. Score!

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This post gives me wood.

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Blimmin AWESOME invention!!! What a time saver!!! Extremely jealous and immensely covetous of that gorgeous chunky soon to be silvered mac!!!

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