Around the Farm: Part I

Posted by Nick  | 31 Jan 2015  | 0 comments

There’s a bit of content from our lives here on the farm which isn’t substantial enough to make the final cut of a post, so we thought it’d be a nifty idea to create a post every now and again which includes some extras (mostly photos). Consider this the first!

For example, check out this funky peg basket I fashioned a while back from some wire netting:

And this handsome rustic garden bed I built for my mum for Christmas. We even used some of our delicious old macrocarpa sleepers she had been lusting over:

There’s a bunch of flowers from around the place, which are super stunning:

Here’s a selection of treasures plucked from our meagre garden:

And some produce not from our garden which seems to inflate with the change in altitude between the supermarket and our farm…

There’s lots of mundane labour, which you don’t hear much about, like cutting down metre-tall grass that extends along our one-hundred-ten metre planted boundary, taking no less than twelve hours:

Or staying vigilant in the war against the invasive thistle:

Of which we stand victorious (for now):

Pruning this rhododendron (the very same as the one in full bloom above) was one of the many odd jobs that never made it to print:

Seasonal goings-on, like our paddocks being mowed by tractors for silage (fermented stock fodder), have also gone unmentioned:

There’s plenty of wildlife encounters with the likes of hedgehogs and hares and this vulnerable little fledgling sparrow:

Whose tree-dwelling brethren are stalked by a fearsome beast:

Oh so fearsome…

We’ll continue to post “leftovers” like this whenever a bunch pile up. Meanwhile, I have about ten outstanding posts on my to-do list…

Out here, it’s hard not being so easily distra– Wow, would you look at that:

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