The Frozen Farm

Posted by Nick  | 26 Jun 2015  | 3 comments

Who’s daring enough to go outside at dawn to photograph the frost?

Not me.

Char, however, does have the balls. (Surprisingly, she doesn’t actually have balls, which might be the driving factor in her ability to venture out into the crotch-numbing dawn.)

Subzero mornings seem common at this time of year – something we’re not accustomed to coming from Auckland.

A delicate layer of ice forms on nearly every exposed surface – this is as close as we’ll get to a winter wonderland at this latitude. Though the locals have reported snow on more than one occasion.

The crystalline structures are quite beautiful up close.

Man, these strawberry plants are tough!

There was even an icicle starting to form at the end of our garden hose…

Char reported, in fact, that the whole hose was frozen solid. It also took a little time for water to flow through our pipes, which is a little worrying seeing as some of them are copper and could potentially burst.

You know it’s cold when the sheep’s water has frozen over…

And the bathtub/trough/duck pool has become a little frozen lake. If the Pugging were still around, we might have seen an ice-skating duck!

The ladies don’t seem to mind, though. Up bright and early foraging in the garden.

We wish we had feathers at this time of year…

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Magical isn’t it! Coatesville had a few of those too. More chills to come in the next couple of months, so hope you’ve got plenty of firewood, woollies and a feather duvet!

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How wonderful to share in this gorgeous evidence that Jack Frost does not restrict his spectacular artistry to just the land of long, frigid winters in the northern hemisphere. His seemingly addictive devotion to it in these parts can be a bit overwhelming at times. This is especially true in the springtime when he persistently decides to add many final flourishes to the overwhelming elegance of his abundant wintertime productivity. Since his season in residence is much shorter there, I’m sure you’re much less likely to experience a surfeit of his amazing talent. I must say that, as much as I thoroughly enjoy his spectacular artwork, I’m taking equal pleasure in its absence here now during our voluptuous summer.


I do not envy your winters and Jack Frost’s relentless onslaught in your neck of the woods, George 🙂

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