The Ladies are Laying!

Posted by Nick  | 27 Jul 2015  | 2 comments

Announcement! We finally have eggs!

Our four chooks, Ladies Rose, Edith, Mary, and Sybil have become women. Congratulations, Ladies. We’re pretty sure two of them are already laying, so the others won’t be far behind.

The Ladies have been rowdy lately, making all sorts of horny clucks and gossipy squawks. Lady Rose, in particular, lets out this guttural trill which sounds especially like a wary dinosaur.

This peculiar change in behaviour led us on a search for eggs. We found a couple of empty nests, but no eggs. Checking back the next day, however, and – oh!

Can you spot the lone egg?

We were pretty excited at this discovery – we had been wondering when our birds would start providing us with these delicious little presents.

It’s pretty tiny, but well formed for a first egg. Congratulations Lady Mary!

Like a bloodhound on a scent trail, Char went sniffing in the under-brush and searching beneath draping foliage. She cried out when she found another nest, this time with a whole bunch of eggs!

Looks like a good a place as any to squeeze out some cackle berries.

Now to get the Ladies laying in their lovely nesting boxes I built them so we don’t have to continually seek their eggs out, or worse yet, stumble upon some future rotters…

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Much congratulations to the ladies!!!! How absolutely thrilling… I’ll keep collecting those boxes then 🙂


You need to come down and forage for a bunch 🙂

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